Show your Gratitude towards God !!!

Show your Gratitude towards God !!!

Show your Gratitude towards God !!!, Ajinkya Patale
We should give thanks to God every day for whatever we have today. God has provided us with good food, branded clothes to wear, a house to stay in, a bed to sleep in, family members to share your happiness, and sometimes not-so-good situations… We have it all… But.. somewhere in our hearts or mind we still want more… 

If we have a bicycle we want a bike, if we have a bike we want a car, if we have a car we want a bigger car, if we have a 2BHK house, we want a 3BHK or even a bungalow… We are never satisfied with what we have and then say to God… When will I get it…

Think about people who do not have these great things which you have… 

1. some people don’t have food to eat sometimes… many kids are starving to death. 

2. There are many homeless people we see on the roadside.. struggling each day to just survive

3. many people are struggling to spend time with their family, but they don’t have anyone close to them…

Show your Gratitude towards God !!!, Ajinkya Patale

My way of showing gratitude

I had some rough patches in my life too… I struggled to manage my finances, seeing some tough months where I had to think about how will I manage it.. but  I prayed for it, and slowly God gave me the strength and confidence to overcome such a situation, and now I am in a much better place financially.

This was not the only time I felt that I am lost or struggling for something… I always prayed for many things which were very important in my life but was struggling to get them… I believe that “You won’t get things before time and beyond destiny”, everything is planned and you need to patiently pray for it. If you don’t believe in God, then at least believe in the power of the universe, and ask what you need, trust me, you will get it when it is planned for you. Until then be happy with what you have in your life… That is what Gratitude means… Be thankful for what you have now, embrace the happiness of having the liberty to celebrate the blessings from God

"Be happy with what you have .. Find satisfaction in what you have achieved so far and always thank God for everything" - Ajinkya 

Reach out to me if you want to discuss how I managed and planned my situations, which might help you make an informed decision, and plan your worst day well in advance…Consider this my way of showing gratitude for whatever God has given me till today and forever !!

Show your Gratitude towards God !!!, Ajinkya Patale

Be happy .. be satisfied.. show your gratitude towards God !!

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