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ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale

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ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale

Get exposure to a process that has proven its worth in enabling you to take complete control of your career and create the future you desire.

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Excelling at the workplace can be stressful...

ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale

You encounter a lack of clarity when you start your journey in a corporate environment.

Be it defining your yearly goals, on time delivering tasks, building a strong profile, getting recognition, or for that matter getting promotions. And you are working without even thinking about the start and end time, often sacrificing family time, and sometimes you doubt your capacity!

And on top of that, the worst thing that you could experience is, someone else getting credit for the work you contributed the most.

Even if there are some wins, you are still struggling to prove your credibility in your team, at your business unit, and to your boss... do things that are manual and unclear to you just to get visibility, recognition and ultimately get higher salary hike % !!!

Either way, you end up struggling in your career. Forget about making a good reputation and handsome salary, you are barely surviving...

How does it feel?

For how long do you want to continue this process of keeping yourself quiet and silent?

Are you happy to struggle despite being qualified for promotion?

Are you enjoying seeing your efforts and hard work getting wasted?

How long do you want to struggle with working like a donkey with no rewards and recognition?

Don't you think it's the right time to justify your value and build a strong personality?


ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale
ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale

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ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale

Top Transformation Strategies

Top transformation strategies revealed by India's First Career Facelift Mentor

ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale


How to redesign the approach that you were traditionally following and implement a proven framework to get clarity, track your goals and achieve them with a higher % of success rate.


How to identify more opportunities that will help you prove your authority and in turn build a strong character that everyone respects.

ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale
ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale


How to identify more opportunities that will help you prove your authority and in turn build a strong character that everyone respects.

ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale


Communication is considered one of the most important skills one should possess, but discover how overcommunication can drastically change the perception of others towards you.

ACE PERFORMERS, Ajinkya Patale


Who is this webinar for?

It is for mid-career professionals who are struggling with stagnant careers, with no clarity of growth and success and are looking for growth in their career and salary by redesigning their approach following a proven framework. 
Note: If you are looking for quick hacks, please do not waste your time by joining this LIVE Webinar.

How is this webinar different than others in the market?

Before starting my journey as a mentor, I attended so many webinars and workshops. Almost all of them were focused on Tactics and Shiny Object Syndrome. I promised myself that when I start doing my webinars I will only provide real value of strategies and principles that can really change someone’s life and no tactics.  
Hence, this webinar will be the one that you will remember for many years and will even tell your friends to attend. 

How should I prepare for the webinar?

You just need a stable internet connection, a pen, paper and a curious mind to learn – implement – improve your skills and mindset

What will happen if I register for the webinar?

Upon registerig for the webinar, you will receive an email from my team on your registered email ID that will contain the link to download the bonus sessions. Kindly click on the link to download and start learning. Do not forget to check your junk/spam/promotions folders in case it does not arrive in your inbox. 

Will there be an upsell at the end of the webinar?

Yes, I will share the option to continue to learn from me and join my 4 monthly mentorship program that has changed my mentees’ lives. They have not only transformed their workplace environment and career growth but also their lives. 
I feel it is my duty to give the mentorship option to the people who really need help in executing the teaching to fast results. 
You could be part of the upcoming batch provided you get shortlisted for the ACE Performers Mentorship program.