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Inspiring Success Stories of Ajinkya's Clients

Excellent Guidance by Ajinkya

I reached out to Ajinkya for understanding what should I do to grow in myself in a stagnant nature of my profession. I was struggling to get recognition and was the biggest demotivating factor for me. My friend was in similar situation before he got Ajinkya’s guidance. Ajinkya explained and asked me to follow a process. Consistency in following the process was the key. He kept me motivated and after following the process and it was just 6 months later when I started seeing the difference in me and the way people started noticing my work. This helped me during the appraisal where the management team offered me a promotion a level up. Thank you, Ajinkya!
Success Stories, Ajinkya Patale

Digvijay Tidke

Sr Content Writer

Awesome services for corporate employees

I worked with Ajinkya for my team to increase their productivity and excellence at our organisation. His process and framework are so well designed that it completely transformed the mindset of my team and we saw positive results in the way the team works now. Thank you so much for your help !!
Success Stories, Ajinkya Patale

Shahji Jasud


Excellent guidance for career growth…

Ajinkya helped me with my stagnant career to completely change it to excellent growing career. His process and frameworks works like magic. I strongly recommend his service for people who are struggling in ther career. Must consult !!!
Success Stories, Ajinkya Patale

Ankit Tiwari

Sr Manager