Dan Lok – F.U Money book review

Review - F.U. Money by Dan Lok

Dan Lok –  F.U Money book review, Ajinkya Patale
Dan Lok –  F.U Money book review, Ajinkya Patale
Well… You read it right. This is something that you can really learn from this book. Make as much money as you want and live life king-size. – Dan Lok has given a step-by-step guidelines of becoming rich. 
Are you tired of a RAT Race? Do you wish you had more time and money and you don’t have to report to anyone… You are your own Boss… If your answer is YES, then you don’t have to search anywhere but read this book F.U. MONEY.             
Well, this book talks about the same phenomenon. 
I have been working as an IT employee for almost 16 years now and this book talks to me as if it was made for me. Imagine what your life would be if you really knew how to make more money than you ever dreamed of. 
Just imagine 
All the stress and worries in your life are gone… You don’t have to report to anyone. You can go on vacation anytime, in fact, you live like every day is your vacation time. You are living in your dream house with all the luxurious cars you can drive and no one is there to ask why and what about things you are doing. In this complicated world and the dreams you are imagining, the world’s best sales and marketing guru shows you how to live the lifestyle you really wanted without having to worry or rely on anyone else for money. 
The best part of this book is there are many sections where  Dan has provided some tips and tricks on how to start a successful business. 
    1. 7 Golden keys to a successful business
    2. 9 Secrets to starting a new business 
    3. Etc. 
This book is one the best bool I ever read and it provides step by step guide on how to make your own money and live life king-size. Must-Read Book !!

Happy Reading !!

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