Power of Prayers – The most powerful tool

Power of prayers

Power of Prayers – The most powerful tool, Ajinkya Patale

I have seen miracles happening when I prayed in tough situations. The power of prayers is way beyond our understanding. 

It’s very sad that we always think about God in our bad times only. I think you should pray to God even when you are happy, celebrating, welcoming new things in life etc. 

I have been brought up in such a strong believer family, where prayer was considered the most powerful tool to overcome any situation. We were taught to pray when we get up in the morning before we sleep before we eat and if you bring new things in your house, pray and start using them. That is how we considered prayer. 

My personal experience

Let me tell you a real incident about me, where I prayed and a miracle happened. I was in my college studying in 12th grade when this happened. I was playing with my friend on the porch when my dad came from work and slept on the sofa. I went up to drink some water and I saw my dad was gasping for breath with froth coming out of his mouth.

I called my Aunt and we b both took him to the hospital. I was small and weak, but I managed to pick him up and claimed many stairs to get him to the emergency room.

My mother worked in a different city where she use to stay there for the week and use to be with us over the weekend, but that day my aunt informed her that my dad was hospitalized. 

The doctors told us that they have to give him an emergency injection in his heart as he had a heart attack ( this was in the year 2000) and they said there is no surety that he will survive the attack. 

I was scared and was waiting in the visitor’s room. I was taught that prayer is the most powerful tool for us to get anyone out of a bad situation. I sat there, closed my eyes, and started praying to God, please save my father. I was crying, begging God, that nothing should happen to my dad. 

I continuously prayed for 3 hours and suddenly I heard that my dad was out of danger and will be home soon. I became aware of prayer’s power on that day.

There are many such incidents that happened in my life and the only way out was through Prayer.

Why pryer is important?

You need to understand that there is only belief which builds our confidence, and brings a sense of happiness and satisfaction in life. 

When you believe in luck, risk, feelings and bad spirits, You must also trust in God. The only way to communicate with God is via prayer.. 

We, humans, are so selfish that we pray to God only when we are in need. I think you should pray in all the different situations in your life, in your day in and day out. 

Prayer will bring a lot of positivity to you and to people around you. Prayer will bring confidence in you and our actions. Prayer will transform your life and bring happiness and success in your life. 

When should you pray?

  • Pray as soon as you get up in the morning – for a beautiful day. 
  • Pray before you sleep – for a successful day.
  • Pray and say thanks to God before you eat, that you have good food to eat.
  • Pray before you leave your home for work – for your safety and productivity.
  • Pray and give thanks to God, when you get new things at home – to bless us like this forever.  
  • Pray for others who are in need – That is what God wants.
  • Pray when you are in need – because that is what faith is.

Keep Praying !

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