When to start Social Media Ads

When to start Social Media Ads, Ajinkya Patale

When to run Social Media Ads

I am sure if you are into coaching and consulting business or if you are providing services of any kind that require your focus to get more clients online, the first thought that comes to your mind is “What if I run social media ads and get more clients” like other people are doing. 

You speak to yourself and start building that hope that once you run Facebook or Instagram Ads, you will get more clients and then I will be able to generate more revenue in your business, but let me tell you the truth and I am sorry if this breaks your heart, you are wrong. Yes, you heard it right.. You are wrong. 

Read the entire article to understand why I am claiming that your thought process is incorrect, and leave a comment if you have any questions about running social media ads. 

First thing you need to understand that the Ads you see now a days on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram requires a lot of time and effort to build and off course it requires money to generate the expected outcome. The major issue with you is that you don’t want to spend much, but still you want best results, so let me tell you this, the minimum budget you need to run these ads to get great results is somewhere around two to three thousands per day, and this includes only one platform. If you are planning to run ads on multiple platform, then multiple the investment accordingly.


That is the reality. My Mentor who runs ads has spent somewhere around 43 Crore in running ads, but the return on his investment is 4X, he made somewhere around 150 crore by running these ads. Why am I telling you this, because you need to take that risk of investing funds in running ads to get maximum results. 

When to start Social Media Ads, Ajinkya Patale

How do I know all this?

So I had this similar mentality that if I run ads, I will get more revenue and more sales, so when I launched my book in June 2023, my initial sales were six to seven book, and that too family and friends bought it. My thought was that I will run ads and my book will start selling on its own, like how every sales automation works. 

I created a Facebook ad, and my limit to spend on the ads was set by Facebook and it was four thousand one hundred rupees only, and with that I was able to get somewhere around 20 book per day, but my mediocre mind said, lets put hundred rupees budget per day to sell the book, and I created the ad and started running it. 

I ran it for a week and I realised that there was no sales. I already spent seven hundred rupees in this process. I started evaluating what should I do, so I changed the Ad Copy and tried the same thing again for couple of days, and the result were the same… NO SALES.

Then I thought, I should try higher budget, so I upgraded myself to run the ads with thousand rupees per day as my budget, and I saw there were some traction towards my book sales, but not how I was expecting. I again upgraded my budget to the maximum which was four thousand rupees per day and I ran the ads for a week. 

Now by the end of the week, I saw there were seven book which got sold, and I was happy, but the amount I spent on running the ads was more than the revenue I generated by selling the book. I had to think about what strategy I should implement that can reverse the process. 

I analysed the data and I found that the seven book which were sold was only on Saturday and Sunday and the entire week was no sales. I thought why not running two different ads, one for the weekend and one for the weekdays and keeping different budgets for both the ads. 

When I did that, I saw good results, but not satisfactory. For the ads that I was running over the weekend, I start experimenting the ad copy and I tried creating more engaging and persuasive ad copies and suddenly I saw for one ad copy, I sold 27 copies of my book. 

There you go… Since July 2023 till today that is Sept 2023, I sold seven hundred copies with this process. Now you know why I say I know the process and the process that works for sure. 

When to start Social Media Ads, Ajinkya Patale

Things to consider before running Ads

If you by any chance planning to run ads for your product or services, you must consider this. 

When to start Social Media Ads, Ajinkya Patale
Work on building your Authority in the market

Before you start running social media ads, I recommend you first focus on building your social media presence. This is important because without people knowing you and your authority, they will not invest in your product or services

When to start Social Media Ads, Ajinkya Patale
Give value to others

Plan on how you will give value to others and that too FREE, so that people start trusting your content and start following your teachings. This will take time, but you need to have patience while building your authority in the market. 

When to start Social Media Ads, Ajinkya Patale
Create emotional content

Understand this and keep this magic wand with you “If there are no emotions, there is no sale”. You have to keep creating content that has emotions and that targets your viewer’s problems and how your approach and frameworks are helping them solve these problems with positive outcomes. This is very important, because that who you will create your loyal fans. 

When to start Social Media Ads, Ajinkya Patale
Be Authentic

If you try to fake your identitiy or your approach that does not have any social proofs, then you will not succeed in your goals to provide value to others. It’s very important to have the right approach and pure heart when you plan to help others. The more genuine you be, the more followers you will have, and the more followers you have, you will have great organic sales. 

Now Run Your Ads

Once you follow the above approach for at least four to six months, then you will have more chances that your ads will give you positive results and expected outcomes and absolute returns on your invest, but hey you will have to invest in running the ads, and don’t be cheap in putting the daily budget to one hundred rupees, take a leap of faith and put the maximum daily budget, you’ll thank me later 🙂 

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