GOALS-Move beyond SMART

GOALS-Move beyond SMART

GOALS-Move beyond SMART, Ajinkya Patale

Every year in your workplace you have to define your goals, and they have to be SMART goals. I somehow never liked that funda of defining SMART goals, I always wanted the goals which will save my Job, and give me hikes and satisfaction. I believe if I am satisfied and happy at work, I will perform well. 

I want to give my perspective of setting goals and how you should set your goals at home as well as at your work. 

My objective in setting goals are:

  • Achieve more in life
  • More happiness at home and work
  • Reduce stress
  • and finally, Sort out my life. 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with these goals set at the workplace? I too had that feeling and I have been surviving for 16 years now. I have learned that there are 2 types of people 

  1. Type 1 is who is very stressed, hassled and always thinking about what will happen if they don’t have goals defined, how will they evaluate the performance and if I will get a hike in my appraisals. how will I succeed in my professional or personal life. 
  2. Type 2 is laid back people, happy with whatever they are doing, set nominal goals and relax the whole time working towards the goal, not very enthusiastic about achieving their goals. 

Let me tell you how you should plan to set your goals and achieve them with these daily habits, trust me this will give you a lot of satisfaction and happiness at home as well as at your workplace.

Move beyond SMART goals

GOALS-Move beyond SMART, Ajinkya Patale
Moving Beyond SMART Goals

I think this is to cliche to set SMART goals, I don’t like it, instead, I think we should set goals which will save your Job and give you satisfaction. I think we should set S.A.V.E.R goals. 

S - Shocking

I think your goals should be so dangerous, that they should bring you out of your comfort zone and make you feel uncomfortable. The reason is, that this will develop your brain to tackle any uncomfortable situations.

A - Affirmative

I think positive goal setting and removing all the negativity from your mind is one of the most important tricks to set goals.

V- Visualization

This is one of the most powerful techniques which help you achieve wonders. I say think about what you want to achieve first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to sleep. Your subconscious mind will make sure you will achieve those goals.

E - Exciting

To me, if your goal is not exciting you, then your interest is decreased and you can lose to achieve it may be in the middle of the road. Set goals which excite you and make you happier while you try to achieve them

R - Realistic / Returns

 I think this one still exists from the SMART goals, but for me, if there are no returns from achieving your goals, then it does not make any sense to define such goals.

GOALS-Move beyond SMART, Ajinkya Patale

Best practice to achieve SAVER goals.

  1. Set the goals – Unless you identify what you need, what are your desires, and your dreams are, you won’t be able to achieve them, list of objectives you hope to accomplish.
  2. Read your goals daily – This is one of the most important techniques to train our subconscious mind, which will always think about achieving your goals and keep you on track. Your brain is trained to follow what you read and think, so go ahead and try this, you will never regret it. It may sound absurd, but it actually works.
  3. Create goals which you can enjoy achieving.

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