Build yourself Recession Proof

Build yourself Recession Proof, Ajinkya Patale
Build yourself Recession Proof, Ajinkya Patale

Most Big 4 and other organisations are on the verge of laying off people. Do you know the criteria for leaving people off from the organisation? 

Do you know if you are recession proof? There are many elements you need to build to make sure you are not affected by these unforeseen circumstances.

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My question to you is… Are you recession-proof? Have you made the impact that will keep you safe if the recession hits?? It’s tough to evaluate whether you could be the potential employee that can be the victim of this unforeseen situation.. Build your skills so well, that you become recessio

Build yourself Recession Proof, Ajinkya Patale

7 elements that will make you so strong that any unforeseen circumstances at your workplace will not hamper your career… If you want to be an Ace Performer and build yourself capable enough to manage recessions, market crashes, or anything… build these 7 elements…

1. Take More Responsibilities 

2. Over-communicate

3. Help others – Knowledge Sharing

4. Contribute more to critical discussions

5. Productive 1:1 meetings

6. Professionalism

7. Interpersonal relationship.

If you master all these 7 elements, nothing can hurt your growth and carer. I plan to do a 7 days challenge, which will be 7 sessions and 7 days on these 7 elements on how you can master them.


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