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I am on a mission to transform 1 million mid-career IT professionals by redesigning their approach with my process driven framework to be an Ace Performer.

Know the world

Your surroundings impacts you in an unexpected manner and you should be aware of it to take appropriate actions

Know Yourself

You are unaware of many things that are becoming the roadblocks in the growth pathway. Understand and evaluate yourself to transform yourself to be an Invincible

Growth Pathway

Eveyone needs a handholding at some point in their career. I have designed a process driven framework that will guide you towards getting your career growth 10 times faster in shortest period of time

Ace Performer

This is the desired state everyone dreams of, and if you follow the process, you will ace the workplace and achieve workplace excellence and also elevate your standard of living

Be Invincible !!

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Ajinkya Patale Your Career & Personal Growth Mentor

Born in Nagpur in a lower-middle-class family where my father was an Autorikshaw Driver and my Mother was a Nurse. With 2 elder sisters and a total of 5 members in the family, I have seen how much of a struggle we faced for a certain period of time.

Struggled with academics in my childhood, and experienced a lot of mental stress due to rejections by others, developed a strong mindset to overcome any stressful situations. As time elapsed, I grew and started working and because of my Mother’s critical decisions in our career, I am what I am today. I believe you always need someone who can guide you towards your success. 

The turning point of my life was when I was enrolled in Nursing training, was away from my home, stayed with friends, and learned to be independent. Understanding financial management, studying regularly, being very religious in this professional training, and guess what I was the topper of my college in 1st year.

Technology was something I loved and started growing myself in that direction to become a Technology and data expert and never looked back. My trajectory was always going up in education and skills.

Today 16 years in the IT industry making an impact in various sectors of patient life direct or indirectly.

During the journey, I have learned many things which I want to share with people in need. I know there are over 900 million people struggling to overcome mental and psychological disorders and feel that they are lacking in motivation, inspiration, support, guidance, love, and understanding. 

If you are on this page, that means you need someone who can guide you towards your success and happiness…

Be Invincible !!!

Don't miss the opportunity to understand what you need to be successful in your career, this is the opportunity you must grab !!!

4 Pillars of Success

I have been working since 16 years now and I believe and this is from my experience that is speaking, if you want to have success, you must understand the 4 pillars of success. Like I said earlier you must have 

Let me tell you  my learnings about these 4 pillars of success, and if you follow these religiously, there is no one in this world that can hold you back from being a successful person.

Mental Stability

If you have to grow, then the first thing you need to build is your mindet. Many struggle to build such mindset and I have developed a process that will develop strong and sustainability mental stability

Financial Stability

Do you know ho wmnay sources of income you have? On an average the rich people has minimum 8 sources of income. Do you want to earn money passive even while you are sleeping? Follow the process I have designed.

Spiritual Transformation

Do you have a belief? Do you believe that you will be successful in your career? How much faith do you have in your thought process. I have developed a strong framework that will transform yourself to enhance your spiritual belief and in turn make you successful.

Physical Transformation

If you are not fit, you will struggle big time to sustain your growth and success for longer duration. If you want to be successful throughout your life, you must follow the 30 days fitness challenge. Reach out to me for more details.

Pillars of success

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His understanding of the subject and his attitude of hand holding and his style of communication is awesome.

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